Andersen Ultimate Hitch Failure & Problems

 If you’re wondering about purchasing an Anderson Ultimate hitch, you might wonder what known failures and problems others have experienced with the hitch.

According to the Anderson website, “The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the lightest and most affordable way to connect your 5th wheel trailer to your tow vehicle. In fact, it is the best fifth-wheel hitch on the market.”

Many people have been pleased with their Anderson Ultimate 5th Wheel Hitch. However, some have had various problems with it as well.

Let’s take a look at some common problems that owners of the Anderson Ultimate Hitch faced.

Common Andersen Ultimate Hitch Problems

Here are some common issues that users have had with their Anderson 5th wheel hitches.

As with any product, there is bound to be something that doesn’t always work right or has problems along the way. By pointing out these common problems, we are in no way trying to convince you not to buy an Andersen Ultimate Hitch.

Rather we have tried to point out some of the common Andersen Ultimate Hitch problems and the solutions to them for your reference. We hope you find this helpful as you use your new hitch!

Twisting and Shifting Hitch

I bought a Andersen 5th wheel hitch when I bought my new truck. Here’s the problem. My hitch is turning, meaning the whole framework that attaches to the gooseneck ball. I torqued it per the instructions and it still is turning.

According to the user manual, if you experience this problem, you need to install the hitch and push it as far forward as possible. On the top bolt, torque it to 50 lb-ft. Next, drop FW on the ball and retorque to 50 lb-ft. The set bolts should be torqued to 40 lb-ft.

Additionally, a rubber bed liner or mat in your truck bed should help keep your Anderson Ultimate hitch from shifting.

Damage to Short-Bed Cab Back Window

Has anyone ever had, seen or heard of any damage to a short-bed truck cab/back window using an Andersen Ultimate? I have read about 2 or maybe 3 cases where a driver made a sudden or panic stop and the hitch itself suffered damage and Andersen quickly replaced the hitch. So I’m okay with these issues. Now the key here is a “short-bed” truck which for my question is a 6″4″ bed. I have spoken with the factory that just said “be aware” of what you’re doing and it will work fine. When towing I think everyone has to be aware so this doesn’t answer my question.

Most people believe that you’re more likely to incur damage from hitching errors than with the actual hitch or turning. It is not uncommon for people to drop their 5th wheels on their truck bed because of being distracted when hitching up.

Additionally, if you install the ball forward and pin after in the adapter, the pin box could potentially hit the bedsides during a sharp turn. However, if you install the pin forward and the ball after, you can turn almost 90 degrees and even make a complete U-turn before the cap comes close to touching the rear window.

After installing, do a couple turns in a large area so that you can get a feel for it and make adjustments as needed. Figure out which way works best for the adapter which is easy to spin around if you need to adjust. Just loosen the jackscrews.

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