Does A RV Refrigerator Work Better On Gas Or Electric?

 The answer to this question is highly debatable and may come best from your own research and testing. After testing their own refrigerators, most RV owners have found that propane often works better. Others disagree, saying electricity was a much more efficient power source.

Despite the many different opinions you will find, propane is generally what will make your fridge cooler. Temperature differential is what makes the fridge cold and propane will get the boiler hotter. Keep in mind that if you are looking for the safest option, propane can be explosive, cause fires, etc.

Sometimes your specific refrigerator will determine what is best for you. For instance, those with a Domestic fridge say that electricity typically works better for them. Another person said their Norcold fridge worked best on propane.

Most refrigerators work well on both types, but propane is typically known for making your fridge cooler. Some people said to simply put your fridge on automatic and let it choose between electric or propane.

If you still aren’t sure, you could conduct your own experiment. Simply attach your fridge to electricity for a day, take notes of how cold it became, and then repeat the process on propane. If neither one performs the other, you can use what is most convenient. It is good to have both power sources readily available as a backup, in case one fails.

Keep in mind that your fridge may become cooler if you have fans. Fans can increase your fridge’s performance on either electric or propane. If you are testing between the two power sources, you will want to keep this in consideration.

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How Do I Make My RV Fridge Get Colder?

As well as connecting your fridge to the correct power source, there are some other ways you can better the performance of your RV fridge. Try these tips and tricks to make your refrigerator cooler:

  • Move the thermostat. Fridges have a dial or sensor located on them (often in the back) that can change the inside temperature of your fridge. Moving the thermostat up or down will make it hotter or colder inside. Be sure not to expect immediate results, RV fridges take time to adjust.

  • Install a fan inside the cooler. By doing this you will increase air flow and help everything get colder. Make sure you get a well-built fan that won’t burn up after long hours of blowing. You can find many different kinds, as well as one by Camco made specifically for your fridge.

  • Install a fan by your coils. Just like above, install a fan inside your fridge. This time you should install one that can help blow air through the coils on the outside of the fridge. Keep in mind that if you get to the point where you are relying on fans to cool your fridge, you likely have a failed cooling unit.

  • Move your thermistor. Some RV refrigerators such as Domestic have something inside the fridge called a thermistor. This is a device that changes resistance with temperature. If this device is located at the bottom of your fridge, you need to move it to the top. Where it is located inside your fridge will determine the temperature of your unit. By moving the thermistor to top, it will make your fridge much cooler.

Check out some of these great products to make your RV fridge cooler:

Titan- 12V DC Ventilation Cooling Fan

This is one kind of fan that you can install in your fridge to help increase cooling. This fan is fairly simple to install, and has a ventilation grille, as well as a 90mm speed controller. Simply mount this awesome fan to the inside of your fridge or freezer to produce air flow to your RV refrigerator.

Beech Lane High Power Fridge Fan

This is a much more simple fan that you can place inside your fridge. This fan doesn’t need to be mounted or anything! Simply set it inside your fridge, flip the switch, and watch as your fridge begins to cool down. Keep in mind this is a small fan, and may not be prepared for hours or days of run time.

Camco Fridge Fan Cooler

This fan is made by Camco and is specific for cooling your fridge. Using this fan, you can evenly cool your refrigerator as well as absorb smells and odors. This fan has a space-efficient compact design, as well as an on/off switch to save power when not in use. Check out this great fan for your RV fridge.

Domestic RV Refrigerator Thermistor

This thermistor is the best way to ensure your fridge stays nice and cold! This is a replacement piece for those who own a Domestic RV fridge, so keep in mind this isn’t for everyone. Check out your fridge model for a thermistor, especially if you own a Domestic, GE, or Kenmore Elite.

We hope these ideas helped you determine whether it is better to run your RV fridge on propane or electric. Sharing problems and solutions can make RV living so much easier. So if we didn’t include something that you have experienced, please leave a comment below to share with others. Until then, enjoy, be safe and have fun RVing!

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