Does Walmart Install RV Tires?

 Taking care of RV or trailer tires can be difficult, especially when they need rotated or blow out during travel. If you are looking for someone who can install new tires on your RV, you may have wondered if Walmart installs RV tires. Yes, Walmart does install RV tires, however there are a few pro’s and con’s to this. Having Walmart install your new tires may seem pretty convenient, especially since nearly everyone has a nearby Walmart store.

Many RV owners in the past have experienced good quality service when getting their tires changed. However, some didn’t have a good experience. Walmart changes their guidelines from time to time, but at one point they made you bring your own tires when getting new ones installed.

Walmart doesn’t always have the best quality tires, as they get tires made especially for them so that they can sell them to consumers for a cheap price. This sometimes results in bad quality tires that with quickly break down after only a small amount of use. These tires usually will come from China or overseas and be made from poor quality materials that ca be sold for a cheap price. Keep in mind that not all tires like this are necessarily bad, but they will not last as long and the tread isn’t always as reliable. So if you get some of these tires, be prepared to have them changed again sooner than later.

If you check closely on the tire itself, you may be able to see some kind of writing that will say something along the lines of “made for Walmart.” It may also tell you what country it came from or what company made the tires. If you are going to choose the tires or buy them independently, this can help you determine the quality of your tires. You should also check out the tread on the tires, sometimes you can tell almost immediately that they are poorly made.

If you are unsure of the quality of Walmart’s tires, you may be able to buy brand-name tires (such as Goodyear) somewhere else and bring them to the technicians to install. If this is something you prefer, you can request this at several other well known tire shops, as they usually won’t mind. This is great if you really like a specific brand or size of tires, this way you can purchase them yourself and don’t have to be at the mercy of your local tire shop. If you are physically capable, installing the tires yourself are sometimes an easier and quicker way to get it done.

This way you know what was done to your RV, and you don’t have to speculate what they did while it was in the garage. This also applies to oil changes or other small repairs that don’t need to be done by a professional. Always be sure if you are doing the installation yourself that you have the proper safety equipment and jacks. If you are not physically capable, you may be able to enlist a friend or family member to help you, as it isn’t as hard as it sounds.

If you keep reading this article, you can find some great alternatives to Walmart that some RV owners highly suggest. Some of these places may not in your area, but they have provided some great service and have many benefits. Both Simple Tire and Discount Tire allow you to bring in your own tires and they will install them for you, something that is great if there are specific tires you like to use or you want to check the tire’s quality for yourself.

However, quite a few people found Walmart’s quality of work to be tolerable, although the result with vary depending on location. You should always use your best judgement, or ask around for better recommendations depending on what tire places you have in your area. As with anywhere you take your RV or vehicle to be serviced, you should do your very best to make sure they are doing their job and taking care of specific details.

Continue reading for more information on the best place to get your RV tires changed:

Where Is The Best Place To Get My RV Tires Changed?

While every place you go is going to have it’s pro’s and con’s, you may be wondering what the most ideal place to get your RV tires changed would be. Here is a list of places and ideas that are recommended by other RV owners who have faced the same dilemma. Check out these great ideas:

  • Simple Tire. Several RV owners have suggested this as a good reliable place to get your RV tires changed. Here, you can get many different services done for your RV, including tires. You can also bring in your own tires you have purchased and have them install the tires for you. Simple Tire’s prices vary, but it is usually less expensive when you bring in your own tires.

  • Discount Tire. This is another tire place that is highly recommended by RV owners. People have confessed to have great experiences here, and get quality work done. While prices always vary, some people have said that they purchased new rims and tires for only $60. Discount Tire is also a great place to bring in your own tires and have them do the heavy work for you.

  • Costco. Surprisingly, there have been many good reviews on the service provided by Costco. While prices will vary, RV owners have said they have a good average price compared to their competition, and that they provided exceptional customer service. Costco will also order specific tires for you if needed, and also provide a roadside protection warranty.

  • Self-installation. While many RV owners have had good reviews and service with shops and tire installation companies, many agree that self-installation is the best choice for most. Unless you are physically able, you may want to consider doing it yourself. You can purchase tires online or through Goodyear themselves, and then take to a local shop or install yourself. Be sure you are wearing safety equipment and that you use durable tire jacks.

Check out these great products to help you safely install your new RV tires at home:

GOODYEAR All Season Radial Tire

You can buy your own tires for your RV online in order for you to change them by yourself. You can get a large variety of Goodyear tires on Amazon or from their own site. Here is a great tire that may be compatible with your RV or camper.

Scissor Jack 3,307 Pound Capacity

When changed your own tire, you need to have a strong relatable jack that can hold a large amount of weight. This jack can hold up to 3,307 pounds of weight. While cars or trucks are pretty heavy, RV’s weight even more, so keep this in mind. Check out this great scissor jack.

3 Ton Portable Bottle Jack

This bottle jack is also a good jack option if you need to raise a lot of weight. This portable bottle jack can raise up to 3 tons of weight. Bottle jacks are very reliable and great for changing a tire or leveling your RV. Check out this great bottle jack.

Maxi Flex Rubber Cut Resistant Gloves

Whenever you are working on your RV, be sure you wear these great gloves. These gloves have amazing grip and are cut resistant due to their rubber coating on the palm and finger tips. Get yourself some of these amazing work gloves!

We hope this article helped you find out if Walmart installs RV tires. Sharing problems and solutions can make RV living so much easier. So if we didn’t include something that you have experienced, please leave a comment below to share with others. Until then, enjoy, be safe and have fun RVing!