Gorilla Tape RV Awning Repair

 RV awnings inevitably start to wear out over time of use and exposure to the elements. If you can’t afford to have it completely replaced, you could use Gorilla Tape to repair it.

Wash the awning with soap and water. Then wipe the area where the tape will go with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any remaining dirt. The tape will stick better when you can make the surface as clean as possible. Apply a strip of Gorilla Tape to the underside and top of the awning where the hole you need to repair is. Then, add a few more strips where peeling and flaking may have already started to help prevent further damage.

What Type of Gorilla Tape Should You Use?

The Gorilla brand has a wide variety of tapes for various uses. While many have said that just regular Gorilla tape has worked well. However, other options could work just as well!

One tape you could try is the All Weather Gorilla Tape. It’s designed for outdoor repairs that need to stand up to extreme weather conditions with a permanent bond. Additionally, it has a weather-resistant shell to withstand extreme weather conditions from temperatures ranking from -40°F to 200°F. This tape is resistant to drying, cracking, and peeling caused by sunlight, heat, cold, and moisture.

On the downside, this tape appears to only be available in black.

Another great option that people have used to successfully repair their RV awning is Gorilla Crystal Clear Tape. This tape is heavy-duty, all-purpose, weatherproof, air-tight, crystal clear, and can be torn by hand. It’s great for rough and uneven surfaces and can even be used to seal and protect surfaces. Additionally, Gorilla Crystal Clear tape is UV and temperature-resistant resistant making it great for repairs both indoors and out without turning yellow.

For large holes and tears, try using Gorilla Tough & Wide Duct Tape. It has a double-thick adhesive to grip smooth, rough, and uneven surfaces. It also has a tough, reinforced Backing with a tight weave that contributes to the strength while still being able to be torn by hand. Its rugged, weather-resistant shell withstands moisture, UV rays, and temperature changes. You can purchase this tape in black or white.

Lastly, you could try using Gorilla Waterproof Patch and Seal Tape for repairing your RV awning. This 4″ wide tape creates a permanent bond that instantly seals out air, water, and moisture. It works great on indoor or outdoor repairs and even underwater. It has an extra-thick adhesive layer and UV-resistant backing. Plus, it’s flexible and conforms to the surface to repair holes, cracks, gaps, and tears.

Many different kinds of tape would work effectively for fixing your RV awning. If you find one that works exceptionally for you, please leave your input in the comments below!

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