How Big Is The TV Backer In A RV?

 If you are ready to mount a TV inside your RV, you may be wondering what size your TV backer plate is. Size will vary, but your TV backer will typically be 12″ by 12″, or sometimes range a little bigger to 18″ or 24″.

One way you can test the approximate size of your TV backer plate is with some magnets. A TV backer is usually made with very thin steel, so you can move some magnets across the wall to try and find the shape of the plate.

You can also use a stud finder to try and locate your backer. Sometimes if you contact your RV’s manufacturer they can send you information on where your’s is located. Still be sure to check for the backer yourself before drilling any holes or installing your TV.

It is important that you have a strong, reliable surfer for your TV to hang on. As your RV is on the road, your TV will be exposed to a lot of friction and shaking. This is why RV’s have thin metal backer plates installed behind the walls.

If you haven’t been able to locate your TV backer plate, or don’t have one, DO NOT install the TV into just the drywall, this is very dangerous. You need to have your TV mounted to strong surface, such as a backer or a stud in the wall.

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How Do I Locate The TV Backer In My RV?

Since a TV backer is located behind a wall, it can be very hard to locate. Here are some tips and ideas on how you can easily locate the TV backer in your RV:

  • Magnets. Like suggested before, you can easily do this with a few inexpensive magnets. Simply run your magnets across the wall slowly, feeling for a magnetic pull. Your backer will be made of a thin metal, usually steel, so it should be obvious when you run across the backer. You can then mark on the wall with a pencil and measure how big the backer is.

  • Electronic stud finder. Newer stud finders can also detect metal. You can run a stud finder across the wall containing the backer and easily find your TV backer. If for some reason your RV doesn’t have a TV backer, you can also use a stud finder to locate a safe surface to attach your TV instead.

  • TV backer sticker. Some RV’s have a sticker on the wall that will tell you where the backer is located on the inside. Keep in mind that while this is very handy, the sticker will not necessarily be on the middle of the backer. To install your TV properly, try using the magnet idea to get the correct measurements.

  • Knock on the wall. Sometimes you can locate your backer by knocking on your interior and exterior walls. Because of the thin walls, you should be able to locate where a stud is. A TV backer is often located between two studs, so this should be able to help you locate it with some trial and error.

Continue reading to check out some great items to help you locate your TV backer:

Powerful Disc Magnets

These small magnets are perfect for locating your TV backer. These little magnets have a powerful force that will easily locate any kind of metal surface behind your walls. Check out these little magnets that even have an adhesive backing if you want to stick them to the wall.

Stud Finder Wall Sensor For Wood & Metal

This stud finder is something everyone should own, especially if you do a lot of DIY work. This stud finger will easily help you locate your TV backer, as it can find both wood and metal surfaces inside your wall. Check out this awesome stud finder that also has an LED lit display so you cans see in the dark.

RV TV Backer Mount

If your RV doesn’t already have an TV backer, you can install one yourself! This is ideal if you are renovating your RV, or fixing some walls. This is NOT for installing directly to dry wall, and should be fixed inside of a wall in between two studs. Check out this great inexpensive TV backer.

Tape Measure With Laser Light

When mounting your TV to a backer, you need to be sure to have your measurements just right. This tape measure has some cool features that are great to have for projects such as this. Check out this awesome tape measure with laser light for accurate precision.

We hope this article helped you determine the size and location of your TV backer. Sharing problems and solutions can make RV living so much easier. So if we didn’t include something that you have experienced, please leave a comment below to share with others. Until then, enjoy, be safe and have fun RVing!