Why Do My RV Lights Flicker?

 There are many different reasons your RV lights may flicker, but they all really lead back to your power source. One of the most common reasons for flickering lights in your RV would be because some wires are loose. You will need to check all the wires in your volt fuse box to see if any need tightened.

Another common reason for your lights flickering is that your converter may be bad. To test this, you will want to disconnect your battery and just run your lights on the converter. Take notes of the results and then run your lights solely off the battery. Compare the two results. If your lights only flicker when on battery, your converter could be broken.

You will need to replace the whole converter, which you can do on your own if you’re handy. You can also hire someone to install a new one and if your RV is still under warranty they will usually do it for you.

Let’s take a look at a few more common reasons your RV lights flicker, and how you can fix them!

How Can I Fix My RV’s Flickering Lights?

  • First, determine which lights are experiencing problems. Once you have found them, are they all acting the same way? It is common for some lights to flicker at different speeds, become dim, or flicker in sync. Then check your light bulbs, as loose bulbs will typically lead to flickering light. If your light bulbs are the problem, simply tighten or replace them.

  • If the problem isn’t your light bulbs, next you should check around both your fuse box and your lights for moisture or really cold temperatures. Both these factors could lead to your lights flickering or malfunctioning. If this is your problem, you may be able to remove the moisture with a dehumidifier. If it is really bad, you may want to check for mold.
  • If this still isn’t your issue, go to your volt fuse box and begin looking for loose wires. As we said before, loose wires are one of the most common reasons for flickering lights. If you find any loose wires you need to tighten them carefully. People say that using needle nose pliers are easiest way to do this. Make sure you turn off all power before touching wires.
    • You will also want to check your battery terminals. Here you will want to check for corrosion or loose wires. If you find either of these things, you need to tighten the wires and clean the terminals thoroughly. If you have no loose wires or corrosion, check your battery’s power. Anyone can do this themselves with a voltmeter. Also check your surge protector for flashing lights, as your lights may have surged.

    Check out these products that may come in handy when fixing your RV’s flashing lights:

    Voltmeter Battery Tester

    You will need this voltmeter to test your battery power. Often when lights all flicker in sync or in a similar way, it can mean your battery power is very low. This battery tester is easy to use and can help you accurately tell your battery’s charge. Check out this awesome battery tester that is great to have on hand.

    LED LE 100W Light Bulbs

    The best best-case scenario is that your light bulbs simply need to be replaced. Here are some bright and brand-new light bulbs that are perfect for your RV. These LED lights have 1600 lumens and are 160 volts. Check out these great light bulbs.

    Electrical Insulated Gloves

    Always wear the proper protection when replacing or working with electrical. These gloves will keep you safe when you are working with wires or replacing a converter. Always make sure you are wearing these gloves when working with a live wire, and if possible turn off the power!

    Surge Protector & Power Strip

    If you have any lights that plug into an outlet, make sure you use a surge protector. This could protect your lights and electrical from surges during storms and lightning. If your lights are flashing, check your surge protector to see it has flashing lights. This indicates that there was a surge that may have damaged something.

We hope these ideas helped you identify and fix the flickering lights in your RV. Sharing problems and solutions can make RV living so much easier. So if we didn’t include something that you have experienced, please leave a comment below to share with others. Until then, enjoy, be safe and have fun RVing!