Why Does My RV Fridge Keep Beeping?

 A common and annoying problem among some RV owners is a continual beeping coming from their fridge. If this is the case for you, you may wonder why your RV fridge keeps beeping? Beeping indicates that your door is not shut all the way and the seal isn’t closed. Beeping can also indicate other problems with your fridge, such as your fridge isn’t cool enough, there is built up condensation inside your fridge, your fridge has begun freezing, a battery has died, etc. Depending on the model and type of fridge you own, you will want to check the manual for reasons why your fridge may be beeping.

Unfortunately, many times your RV’s fridge may begin beeping for no apparent reason. This is very common with Dometic and Norcold fridges. While it may seem at first that nothing is the matter, a common reason your RV fridge will begin beeping is because there is built up condensation on the door latch alarm. This alarm is in place to alert you that the door is still open and you may be releasing cold air from the unit.

Sometimes (especially in Domstic fridges), this alarm with get frosted over with condensation which set off the emergency warning system. This will commonly occur in humid or hot weather. While this is something that is super annoying, it typically doesn’t affect your fridge, as it should keep working as normal. So in the meantime of fixing this problem, there is no need for you to shut off or unplug your fridge.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this problem. On the door latch alarm, there should be a plastic cover over the lamp unit. You will need to de-attach this cover so you can dry the wires and plug (you can do this by air-drying, or use computer grade compressed air). This will rid the alarm of condensation until the next time it begins beeping.

Unfortunately, there is no definite cure to this problem. This is something that is simply a fault in some RV fridges, and will need to be attended to every once in a while. If you don’t live in a very humid or hot area, this shouldn’t be something you encounter very often.

If you would like to help prevent this in the future, there is something you can try. When reattaching the plastic cover that hides the wires and plug, you could use some caulk around the enclosure. This should help keep moisture and condensation from entering the unit. While you may need to repair this over time, it is a simple way to try and prevent beeping problems in the future. You can also use tape (such as gorilla or flex tape) that is super sticky and won’t let anything pass through. Flex tape is a great option for this, as it is super sticky and waterproof.

If you choose to add some caulk or tape to this area of your fridge, you will want to make sure that the area is completely dry. This may be a good time to completely empty your fridge, air it out, clean and dry it. In order for caulk or tape to effectively do their job, you will want a dry and clean surface.

While built-up condensation is a common problem, sometimes it can be a bigger issue than that. Sometimes, it actually has to do with faulty electrical. Unfortunately, electrical issues will often end in a visit back to the dealer, as it isn’t always something that is easy to fix yourself unless you have experience. Other times beeping will be a problem that will occur with old age or dying batteries. If your fridge is already pretty old, it’s wiring may be strained and it could just be giving out. Always keep in mind the age and condition of your fridge when trouble occurs.

If you need a quick, temporary solution to stop the beeping in your RV’s fridge, here are a couple of ideas some other RV owners tried:

  • Place a piece of cardboard in between the door and the alert.
    • This was able to seal any gaps and give off the illusion that the door was sealed properly.
  • Use some pieces of the sticky-back velcro to hold together the seals.
    • Again, this will give the appearance that the door was sealed properly and the beeping should stop.

These ideas will help give you a temporary solution until you can get someone to take a look or replace the hinges. Even if you aren’t very handy, you can check yourself to see if any hinges are cracked or broken. If so, you could probably switch them out with a cheap replacement piece and a screwdriver.

While the suggestions above will certainly stop the beeping for the time being, it may only be masking the real issue. While condensation is a common problem with Dometic fridges, a common problem with Norcold fridges is weak plastic hinges. Because these hinges are so weak, they will take a real beating during travel. This may cause the seal to become broken or weak and set off the emergency alarm that will result in repeated beeping.

At the end of the day, you could also unplug your fridge, or flip the breaker. By flipping the breaker, it may “reset” the fridge, making it be quiet for some time. If your fridge has real problems, it will continue a short time after you have done this. If the beeping keeps going afterwards, you will want to check the battery, wiring, and condensation build-up inside your RV’s fridge.

Continue reading to learn more about how to stop your RV refrigerator from beeping:

How Do I Stop My RV Fridge From Beeping?

If your RV fridge has begun beeping, we’re sure you are looking for a way to make it stop. While beeping is certainly annoying, keep in mind that it is likely doing it for a reason. Make sure you check out your fridge for a problem when it begins beeping. Here are some great ideas on how to stop your RV fridge from beeping:

  • Unplug the fridge, and plug it back in. Most minor problems with any fridge, RV or residential, can be fixed by unplugging the unit and then plugging it back in. If you have looked over your refrigerator and found no real evident issues, you will want to try this to see if that will resolve the beeping problem. Some fridges may take a little while to get up and running again after you unplug it, so you will want to take your perishables and place them in a cooler for the time being. While your fridge is unplugged, this may be the time to clean or inspect for further problems.

  • Close the door. The most common reason your RV fridge is beeping, it because it senses that the door isn’t closed or seal properly. You will want to check that the door stays sealed at all times, as this is the primary reason your fridge is supposed to beep. You need to check your fridge’s door when the RV is both still and moving. Some fridges have weak hinges that make the door become loose or swing open while traveling, especially on rough roads. Both Dometic and Norcold fridges have been known to have this problem.

  • Check for condensation on the door latch alarm. Condensation, as talked about before, is another extremely common problem in some RV fridges. Inside your fridge you should be able to find a plastic compartment that holds wires and a plug. This casement will sometimes fill with condensation that will set off the alarm on the door latch. If this is the case for you, take off the plastic part and dry out everything. You can do this quickly with computer grade compressed air. After you have dried everything, re-attach the plastic cover. You can also add some tape or caulk to keep everything sealed and tight.

  • Make sure it is attached to a sufficient power source. Some RV fridges may beep to alert you that it is not running. While this may be do to something that is broken, it is likely because it isn’t attached to a sufficient power source. A beeping may also be trying to tell you that it’s battery is low. These are things you should test and be certain of before traveling in your RV. In case of emergencies, always have a few coolers on hand, as well as some ice if you have the room in your freezer. You can always purchase ice at a gas station if you can’t bring any with you.

Check out some of these great products to help you take care of your RV fridge, as well as eliminate beeping:

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Norcold Stainless Steel RV Fridge

Norcold is another great brand of ridge for your RV. As you have read in this article, there are a few small problems that some older models have, but newer Norcold fridges are great for your RV. Both Norcold and Dometic fridges would make great replacement fridges for your RV home away from home. Check out this awesome stainless steel fridge here.

Cascade Mountain Heavy Duty Cooler

Having a reliable cooler on hand when traveling is great if your fridge is known to act up without any notice. This freeze can hold lots of food, and will keep it cold for hours. This cooler would also be great for hanging with friends and keeping snacks and drinks cold. Check out this awesome cooler that you can use for camping, traveling, and emergencies.

Clear Waterproof Flex Tape

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Flex Shot Rubber Adhesive Sealant Caulk

Caulk can also do a similar job to tape when sealing the plastic compartment in your fridge. Flex Seal also makes a produce that is a heavy duty version of your typical caulk. This formula is waterproof and super adhesive. Check out this great sealant caulk.

Falcon Dust Off Compressed Air

You can use compressed air to clean out your fridge, getting rid of dust or moisture that may be damaging your fridge. You can use compressed air to clean so many things, as this is same for electronics, wiring, etc. Check out this awesome compressed air pack of 4.

We hope this article helped you determine why your RV fridge is beeping. Sharing problems and solutions can make RV living so much easier. So if we didn’t include something that you have experienced, please leave a comment below to share with others. Until then, enjoy, be safe and have fun RVing!